President's Message


Dear Colleagues!

It is with a sense of enormous humility, opportunity and responsibility that I assume the office of The President of SOGP today (9th June, 2019). This day would not have been possible without all the trust, friendship and support of all the SOGP members through the length and extent of our vast and beloved country. Indeed, I will always be indebted to you all for the faith and trust you have instilled in me to lead SOGP as we move towards 2022, with the exclusive and unwavering mission to uplift women’s health in Pakistan.

I’m really lucky to work with a team of highly devoted members of Executive Committee and office Bearers of Local Chapters of SOGP who are known for their wisdom and dedication. They have surely planned various initiatives and events, which will ensure that SOGP reaches out to all its members across the country.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all my senior members of the Society including Prof.Sadaqua Jafarey, Prof.Aftab Munir, Prof.Rashid Latif, Prof.Shafiq Ahmad, Prof.Shahnaz Baloch for being the torch bearers of SOGP. My predecessors all the past Presidents of Society have already set the trends for the National Society required for uplifting the Health of Women in Pakistan and better teaching and training of the juniors. I would like to follow their worthy steps.

Dear members, thank you for putting me in a position where I can improve the status of our women positively and leave an enduring notion. I can do it only with the support and active participation of each one of you. Thank for your continued support required to achieve goals in all these years. And, with your help, we will make this term a truthfully impressive and fruitful one for SOGP and the women we are meant to serve.


Prof.Razia Korejo

President SOGP

Our Secretary General Message

Dear Colleagues!

It is indeed a great moment of honor and a personal achievement to have been elected to this prestigious post. I wish to thank every one of you for your unconditional love, support, and trust. I promise to do my level best to uphold all that this immense organization SOGP stands for, and with your help and support, take our organization to even greater heights. Together we will make this term a outstanding one by instilling optimism and zeal and bring about a change in women’s health care in Pakistan.

I wish to cultivate a legacy of academic perfection and innovation with support from all the members of the Society which can leave a profound mark on all of us. I wish to thank all of them and am humbled to follow any guidance or advice. And with help from all of you, we will extend and enhance SOGP’s remarkable legacy. I am very fortunate to be joined by many of these renowned stalwarts today. I personally have learn and gained a huge amount of wisdom from my many respected friends across the country. I am also thankful to each and every one of them for their friendship, teaching, and time.

I look forward for a very positive input from all the members specially the local chapters for broadening the base of our beloved Society. This can be achieved by publication of the newsletter regularly after all of you contribute to the newsletter regularly. It is requested to all Office bearers and local Chapters to continue the trend of Local CMEs for better professional development of our members.

Please feel free to communicate with the Secretariat through email or phone call for better communication. Let’s join hands to accomplish the tasks meant to achieve the vision and mission of SOGP.


Prof.Haleema Yasmin

Secretary General SOGP